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Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that draws our focus away from our busy minds and brings us into the present moment using different techniques.

Mindfulness South Manchester

What is Mindful Meditation?

Like anything else, meditation takes time, practise and consistency. Mindfulness is to bring one's focus into the present moment, to let external distractions melt away and invite stillness into the physical body.

We do this using guided meditation such as the body scan, this is a technique that brings awareness to different body parts and encourages us to feel grounded. We can also using breathing to calm our minds. It is said by taking just 3 deeper and longer breaths, you can start to calm your nervous system. 

Co-working space


"Eleanor has been working with our global team for 2 years, starting just after lockdown, providing online Meditation and Movement classes.


She has been brilliant and professional the whole time. For our team, it has been amazing having moments of mindfulness and movement during a busy day, building well-being in to a work environment. Additionally, these sessions have helped us connect in a time of isolation.  

Thank you Eleanor!"

Mindfulness in a corporate setting

I am so lucky that I have been able to bring Movement and Meditation classes into a corporate setting. When lockdown hit, Kellogg's reached out to me to provide online sessions for their staff. It quickly turned into a regular class and is still going 2 years later.

In a go go go environment, it's very easy to get swept up in going 100 miles an hour. It can lead to stress, built up tension in the body, and can actually reduce productivity as our minds often aren't clear. 

By taking, even just a few minutes out of your day to breathe a little slower and more mindfully, take a gentle stretch, we are encouraging our nervous systems to relax and our minds to slow down. It's almost like hitting the reset button.

It's fantastic that more and more company's are realising the benefits of introducing mindfulness, meditation and movement into the workplace. Whether it be online or in person, 5mins or 25mins, it can help us all to feel a little bit calmer and clearer.

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