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Qigong Classes in Didsbury, South Manchester

Are you looking for Qigong classes taught by a qualified Qigong teacher in Didsbury? Then you’re in the perfect place. I offer a range of in-person Qigong classes in South Manchester for all experience levels. 

Qigong can decrease stress, elevate mood, improve sleep, and activate healing energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and happier after a Qigong class. I offer a range of weekly Qigong classes in and around South Manchester for all levels. In my Qigong classes, you can expect to combine body posture, movement, breathing and meditation. 


Cultivate your life energy

Qigong, pronounced as 'chee-gung,' is one of the five pillars of Chinese medicine and the foundation of all martial arts. 'Qi' means 'life energy' and 'gong' means 'to cultivate.'

The forms, inspired by nature, animals and the seasons, create a beautiful flowing movement aiming to cultivate healthy qi (energy) flow through the body.

Having only come across Qigong here and there, snippets in yoga classes over the years, it was not a practise I was familiar with. When the very first lockdown hit, I started to do it more regularly online. It didn't take long for me to become completely enamoured with Qigong practises.

I have noted that I can actually feel the energy being redirected where I perhaps need a little more in my body, I can feel it flowing and rebalancing, and I have often noticed that my mood vastly improves even after just 10 minutes of Qigong!

Qigong meditation and healing

If you have any questions about trying Qigong or would like to book onto my weekly Qigong class, attend events, or workshops in Manchester, then please feel free to drop me an email or a text. 
I hope to see you soon!

Qigong Didsbury
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